Currently: April

Making : A clock! My plastic kitchen clock took a tumble and bid farewell to this good life, so I bought the parts to build my own! Now I just have to decide how I want to design it...

Cooking: Roasted artichokes! Have you roasted an artichoke yet? DO IT! Go now! No, wait. Finish reading this post, then go. 

Drinking: Polar Seltzer Water, any flavor (except vanilla). It's an addiction. 

Reading: Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I really didn't think I'd like it, but the plot sucked me in pretty quickly.

Wanting: One million dollars. Okay, two. No, four! Now I'm just getting greedy.

Looking: for a volunteer group to work with in DC. Preferably one that deals with teaching English. Or teaching computer skills. Or maybe cuddling puppies. 

Playing: way too much 2048. So aggravating. My high score is only 5436 because I have no strategy whatsoever. 

Wasting: away again in Margaritaville? 

Wishing: for warm, sunny, spring weather before the dreadful DC summer hits. 

Enjoying: being warm inside on this gloomy, rain-soaked night.

Waiting: for the weekend. We're going camping at Assateague for the first time! Ponies!

Liking: a big bowl of banana oatmeal every morning. This week I added pecans to the mix. I like it.

Wondering: how much de-barkinization is and if Henry's a viable candidate.  

Loving: Sam. Dawwwww.

Hoping: the rain just magically floats away in the night.

Marveling: at how great my newly-prescribed allergy medications are working for me. I can breathe! In April! Unheard of.

Needing: a dark chocolate bar the size of my head. 

Smelling: my new coconut candle from Michael's. It makes me want a piña colada in the worst way. 

Wearing: Oh, lordy. Sweat pants with paint all over them, one of Sam's old t-shirts, and a striped long-sleeved shirt that I've had since undergrad. Vagabond mode: activate.

Following: the current season of The Voice. And I'm barely even ashamed.

Noticing: how long my hair is getting! I've been growing it out (with trims here and there) for almost 3 years since I had a pixie cut of sorts (you can see that unfortunate situation here). 

Knowing: I shouldn't eat popcorn, but wanting it anyway.

Thinking: maybe I'll go neon with the clock. Or maybe floral. Stripes?

Feeling: really bad for the tornado victims. Tornadoes suck. I hate tornadoes.

Bookmarking: research on intuitive eating, one of the few weight loss paths I haven't yet researched. 

Opening: uhhh, my heart? Tooooo the song of the earth? Yeah. Pocahontas style. Colors of the wind, yo.

Giggling: at Sam and her Adam Levine obsession. Girl's got it bad.

Feeling: cold. I'm so cold, Jack.

This new twist on the old thing is inspired by Sydney over at The Day Book

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  1. I have horrible stories about those god damn ponies.