Those Fall Type Feelings

Hello! It's been a while. I hope you're all as good or even better than you were when we last spoke (figuratively). Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer and for once I can honestly say I'm a little sad to see it go. We had so much fun these past couple of months and really did our best to get out of the city and see a little more of the world (okay, country). I'm going to start recording a bunch of those trips in a memory dump here on the blog so I can canonize the details forever and ever (or as long as Blogger lasts, amen). So those will be coming soon, but it's not really a return to blogging. I want to write and I want to get memories down for safekeeping but I don't want to dive back into those guilty "I should be blogging right now" feelings, so I'm making no promises. None. Zilch. I've learned my lesson there. But I do love you! I do.

Anyway, I saw this over here and had the urge to answer the questions for myself, so without further ado, here are some lofty little goals for the coming season.

Eating Soups and roasted vegetables and soups
Drinking Apple cider! And getting back into hot coffee (I've been hooked on the ice since June)
Practicing Slow, pleasant mornings, even during the week (I really, really, really want to master this!)
Mastering A daily yoga habit
Trying To pay less attention to my phone/social media (except for taking photos, obvi) 
Playing Cornhole and Bocce Ball in the leagues I signed up for this fall! #joiner
Finishing My book challenge (read 24 books this year)...3 months early! #booksohard
Reading A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) series which will take me straight into winter because DAMN these books are long
Remembering To live in the now (Wayne)
Wearing Sweatersssss! Real sweaters, not just my-office-is-freezing-slash-gotta-cover-these-tats cardigans
Cooking The aforementioned soups
Working On my health (always and forever)
Traveling Back to the mountains of Shenandoah for some cold weather camping
Wanting A low heeled pair of camel colored boots (that actually fit my calves, please)



Hello, friends, lovers, family, fans...

I've decided to stop blogging, for now. My latest attempt to record some thought every day has resulted in brief and boring sentences written at the end of the night when my only desire is sleep. That's no fun. That makes blogging a chore. And I have a hard enough time getting my actual chores done to worry about extras.

I may be back. I'm making no promises either way, but for now, with spring in my face and summer right behind, I've decided to stop the daily drivel and focus on getting out there and living.

Thanks for reading and maybe I'll talk to you soon.

PS: If you miss me too much you can still find me on Instagram!

Ordinary Monday (31:57)

Monday, Monday. 

I worked and it was fine. I had some really good mashed sweet potatoes for lunch. 

I metroed home. I visited Karim. Sam picked me up and we went to the grocery store. I spent way too much money. It had been a while. 

I made a spinach, dippy egg, and turkey bacon English muffin sandwich for dinner. It was pretty good. Sam had popcorn. 

Then I watched Mad Men and went to bed.



31:55 & 56

We made an impromptu trip to Bloomsburg this weekend to visit a tiny little angel baby...and some other people but mostly her.


Dental Werk (31:53)

I started the long road to a perfect patchwork mouth today. 

There was so much Novocaine in my face that it looked like I got lip injections. And now I know lip injections are not for me.

Anyway I got a bunch of fillings and they fixed my chipped tooth! 

Big day, big day.