Sep 2, 2014

So Long, Summer

It's here, it's here! The cicadas are gearing up for their finale and I, for one, couldn't be happier.

Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer which doesn't mean much in the District because it'll be hot here until October but the end is near and that's enough for me to start getting excited! 

Aug 29, 2014

Motivation in Vanity

Hello and how are you? I'm good. I just got over an internal death of sorts (bathroom stuff) and I was off work for two days. It sucked but I returned to the office just in time to work a Friday before a 3 day weekend. You know how much work gets done around here on a Friday before a 3 day weekend? Not a lot. So I ended up on Facebook, as you do, and I was looking at old pictures of myself, as you do, and I was seriously flabbergasted when I got to the late 2012/early 2013 photos. I really mean it. Straight up FLABBERGASTED. God, that's a great word. Because DAMN. I looked great. I don't care if that's vain. (Okay, maybe I care a little. I swear I'm not shallow!)

I just ordered prints of the following photos for my fridge. These were all taken when I weighed close to 200 lbs (after losing 40 lbs over a year and a half). At the time I knew I'd lost a significant amount of weight but I was disappointed that I didn't look like I'd lost more. But looking at these pictures now? I DID! I DID look like I lost a lot of weight!

Above and below: I'm actually wearing several layers in these pics! Even better!

I miss that dress.

I miss that scarf. 

I still have that dress. It doesn't fit.

Is it sad that the most motivation I've felt in a long, long, long, loooong time has come from looking at pictures of myself? I don't even care. I can do that again and better. I know I can. And I'm actually excited about it! Like, I want to go for a run! Okay, maybe that's a bit much.

Aug 26, 2014

Currently: August

August is nearly over, if you can believe it. And I've lost no weight. I'm sure you can believe that. I haven't put in much effort, honestly. The want is there, but the drive is lacking. I keep waiting for something to happen, you know? Something that will light a fire under my ass and get my feet moving in a healthy direction. I'm not altogether unhealthy, but the number of unhealthy items heading down my chowhole is nothing to be proud of. 

Sometimes I just wish I could go to fat camp. Nothing like The Biggest Loser, because I'd vomit in every scene and then be known as the chick that vomits, but just a nice little place by a lake where the food is measured and doled out and they make you exercise every day, nothing crazy, and then the scale moves and you're like "Ah, yes, there's that feeling I've been looking for" and you keep going because all you needed was that little win to remind you that you can do it and why the hell didn't you start soonerAt this point the only thing that's going to pop up and light a fire under my ass would be, like, diabetes. And that's definitely not something I'm leaving the light on for. 

ANYWAY. Here's the currents.

Current books: I'm re-reading my favorites: the Harry Potters at home and Pride & Prejudice on the train. 

Current music: Mr. Darcy would not approve, but I'm totally addicted to Taylor Swift's new song Shake It Off

Current guilty pleasure: Popcorn for dinner. It's a confusing statement, half "I'm an adult and I'll do what I want!" and the other half "I have no idea how to be an adult."

Current nail color: Essie's Smokin' Hot

Current drink: Water and old coffee. 

Current food: Sam and I made homemade pierogies this past weekend! We used this recipe and they were delicious! Totally unhealthy, but it's gotta be better than Mrs.T's? Probably not. There was a lot of butter involved. My stomach's still not right.

Current favourite show: I'm halfway through Season 5 of Parenthood. I also started Sons of Anarchy because Sam watched all that Netflix had to offer and then bought the latest season, so I know it has to be good. Sam does not spend money carelessly.

Current wish list: A new couch! We have it picked out, now we just need to save up. I'm shooting for an October purchase. 

Current needs: Inspiration. Motivation. Holleration. No, scratch that last one.

Current triumphs: We bought a dining table and chairs this weekend! It's the cheapest IKEA had to offer (more for the size than the cost...our dining "room" is small) but it was so nice to eat those pierogies sitting upright instead of hunched over the coffee table. Maybe I'll do a little apartment tour on the blog. I love reading those.

Current bane of my existence: Sugar? I love it but I hate it. It's like the shitty boyfriend you can't stop going back to. Super sweet up front but then you feel like crap and regret the whole thing. 

Current celebrity crush: Erika Christensen. I started following her on Instagram and she's delightful! 

Current indulgences: I ate a cupcake the size of my head yesterday. 

Current blessings: Everything! For as much as I bitch and whine (and do nothing--I am my least favorite person!) about my weight, the fact that it's my biggest problem means my life is pretty fucking great. 

Current outfit: Black pants, gray striped top, and a teal-ish cardigan with black flats. 

Current mood: I'm good. A little disillusioned, but good. 

Current link: Emmy Awards Best Dressed -- Lizzy Caplan gets my vote! That dressed was phenomenal.

Jul 31, 2014

Weigh in: Going Down

I wasn't going to weigh in this morning because I haven't been as stalwart as I need to be in the healthy eating department. BUT then I worked out for an hour (BEFORE work! I know, so good) and was feeling great about life so I hopped on the scale.

231.8 lbs

Last weigh-in: 232.8 lbs
Current weigh-in: 231.8 lbs
Total weight lost: 1 lbs

One pound down! It ain't much but at least I'm moving in the right direction again. Happy Thursday!

Jul 29, 2014

Currently: July

It's practically August, but these things change so often I could write one each week. I won't, but I could. It's the thought that counts.

Current books: I've been reading the Rose Gardner mysteries by Denise Grover Swank on the train. I read the first book because it was free then I got hooked. I cringe every time I read "crappy doodles" but I'm enjoying the "hermitic girl starts living her life after her bitch of a mom is murdered" plot line. 

Current music: I recently bought Miranda Lambert's new album, Platinum, and it's pret-ty good. I always forget about country music because Sam's not a fan (except for Kenny Rogers, she would probably want me to say) so we never listen to it in the car (which is about the only time I listen to the radio). 

Current guilty pleasure: Please see above re: Current Books. The first book was free but the rest...are not. I've been buying them anyway because they're cheap, but I have so many other books that I already own and need to read! #nerdproblems

Current nail colour: Essie's Mind Your Mittens- It's a winter color, but I'm a rule breaker.

Current drink: Water and old coffee 

Current food: Sam and I are back on "The Plan" as of Monday because we've both been struggling to stop reaching for carbs (and, uh, I'll be postponing that second weigh-in until next week, thaaaaaanks). So I've been eating healthily. Currently I'm munching on some carrots.

Current favourite show: I recently started Season 2 of Parenthood and I'm obsessed! Love those Bravermans.

Current wish list: Fall weather! Is it SO NICE OUTSIDE RIGHT NOW sorry for shouting. It makes me want fall to be here NOW. Not that I'm wishing away time. But I sorta am. I should stop that. 

Current needs: A new work wardrobe, but I'm in that "but I want to lose some weight first" stage. I know you know.

Current triumphs: I'm logging calories and exercising with some consistency. It's a start! 

Current bane of my existence: The acne I'm experiencing on my chin. Since when is 30 the new 15? 

Current celebrity crush: Ronda Rousey. She kinda scares me and I kinda like it. Also, she reminds me of Kat Stratford in 10 Things I Hate About You. That would make a great sequel. Like, she couldn't stand the bitches on the soccer team at Sarah Lawrence so she quit and started studying MMA as a way to control all of that pent up aggression and then some hot troublemaker notices her skills and enters her in a fight without her consent and she's all fuck you, I'm not doing it and he's like you're a fighter you can win and then she does win, of course, and they fall in love and stuff. Maybe she saves some kids from a gang. Anyway, RIP Heath Ledger. I hope there are beer-flavored nipples wherever you are.

Current indulgences: Every time I go for morning allergy shots (which is twice a week unless I'm lazy as is usually the case so, okay, once a week) I buy myself a drink from Starbucks because it's on the way. I either get iced black coffee or a caramel iced coffee with soy if I'm feeling saucy. It's only 120 calories, I can swing it.

Current blessings: Being born a citizen of the U.S. of A. I can't imagine having to go through the shit that so much of the world is going through. Bombs and kidnappings and's rough out there and I am a fortunate woman. 

Current outfit: Black skinny jeans (Who knew skinny jeans could make me look smaller? Someone should have told me.), black and white striped tank top, and a bright corally pink grandpa-length cardigan with black flats. 

Current mood: I'm feeling alright. The weather is most excellent, work is not too crazy, and other than my chin pets my body is working like it should. No complaints here.

Current link:

Jul 23, 2014


I actually worked out. BEFORE work! Please enjoy this "I woke up like dis" photo as proof. 

That's all. Carry on!