Hello, friends, lovers, family, fans...

I've decided to stop blogging, for now. My latest attempt to record some thought every day has resulted in brief and boring sentences written at the end of the night when my only desire is sleep. That's no fun. That makes blogging a chore. And I have a hard enough time getting my actual chores done to worry about extras.

I may be back. I'm making no promises either way, but for now, with spring in my face and summer right behind, I've decided to stop the daily drivel and focus on getting out there and living.

Thanks for reading and maybe I'll talk to you soon.

PS: If you miss me too much you can still find me on Instagram!

Ordinary Monday (31:57)

Monday, Monday. 

I worked and it was fine. I had some really good mashed sweet potatoes for lunch. 

I metroed home. I visited Karim. Sam picked me up and we went to the grocery store. I spent way too much money. It had been a while. 

I made a spinach, dippy egg, and turkey bacon English muffin sandwich for dinner. It was pretty good. Sam had popcorn. 

Then I watched Mad Men and went to bed.



31:55 & 56

We made an impromptu trip to Bloomsburg this weekend to visit a tiny little angel baby...and some other people but mostly her.


Dental Werk (31:53)

I started the long road to a perfect patchwork mouth today. 

There was so much Novocaine in my face that it looked like I got lip injections. And now I know lip injections are not for me.

Anyway I got a bunch of fillings and they fixed my chipped tooth! 

Big day, big day. 


I was late posting my last post which led me to forget this post which is now also late.

Yesterday was fine. Chilly temps, average work load, boring lunch. I worked late, Sam worked later. Thai delivery for dinner.  Working my way through Scrubs for the first time (my BFF will be so proud). Wednesday. 


Thoughts on Finality (31:51)


I've been flying a lot lately and, while I'm not afraid of flying by any means, my imagination always goes through a moment of "What if?"  My mind briefly flips through the things that could happen to the plane I'm on and the things that have happened to other people on other planes. I used to picture hijackers and shoe bombs, but now I think about things like dropping into the ocean (though I haven't flown over an ocean in years) or slamming into a mountain.

I can't imagine what those people must go through moments before the moment that ends them, but my brain does its best to imagine it anyhow. It's so easy to think "Nope, not me. This is just a routine trip to the West Coast. No way we'll have any trouble." It's harder to think "Imagine this is your last moment. This right here, in this uncomfortable seat, squeezed between this arm rest hog and this open-mouthed breather. Imagine this is how you end." It's kind of depressing, sure, but it's also kind of nice, too. It's puts me in the moment. It makes me thankful for what I've done and seen. It makes me think of those I love.

Most people don't know something bad is going to happen until after the fact. They don't see it coming, like car accidents that happen in the blink of an eye. Other people never find out. Bad things happen and then...poof. They're gone. No matter what their beliefs on where they go next, they're gone from Earth, at least.

Of course, there's the other side, too. We don't always know when good things are going to happen, either. Everyone who's ever won the lottery probably thought two things beforehand: "It's never going to happen to me" and "...but somebody has to win."

That's the thing with life—everything is up to chance.* You can plan carefully, be fully prepared, and be so sure of something. But it could change in a wink, whatever it may be.

Life is so strange. It's so...finite and infinite at the same time. You can do anything your heart desires! Any little damned thing you want! Go for it, get after it, make it happen, make it so! Really, anything! But remember that it could all be gone in an instant. A tiny millisecond. A fraction of a moment. So you've really only got right now.

Sometimes it all just blows my mind.

 *I respectfully decline to read anything about God's plan, thank you very much.